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About the festival "Siberia-Italy"

The international festival of arts « Siberia – Italy» is held under the patronage of the Head of city Peter Ivanovich Pimashkov when Siberians celebrate the birthday of the city of Krasnoyarsk and Italians – the main national holiday –the Independence Day of Italy (on June, 4). Annually the whole constellation of talented Italian musicians comes to the festival « Siberia – Italy». Among them such well-known musicians, as Piero Bellugi, Andrea Pestalozza, David Bellugi, Ivano Battiston, Filippo Faes, Anna Serova, Gabriella Sborgi. All musicians are in the zenith of their creative career, perform in the most prestigious concert halls in the world and collaborate with the best musicians of our time.
The main idea of the festival is a dialogue of two cultures and it has been remaining unchangeable. Themes of the dialogue vary from festival to festival. The first international festival of arts, which passed in 2001, designated a unification of different kinds of arts as its main task and concerts of classical music were among masterpieces of painting, photo and graphics. The second festival of arts (2002) was entirely devoted to a genre of an oratorio. The third (2004) one was the dialogue of the old and the new, classical and modern. Within the framework of the Fourth festival of arts, which got the name of “the festival of first performances” there were the first performances of works of modern composers – Azio Korgi, Ivano Battiston, Alexey Starodubrovsky, and also Krasnoyarsk first performances of the compositions by Mozart, Paganini which had never sounded in our city before and the works by B. Bartok, A. Piazzola, A. Shnitke and R. Luchiani.
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