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About the festival

The sixth international festival of chamber-orchestral music "Siberia - Europe" will take place in Krasnoyarsk from May, 25 to June, 18, 2007 and become a stage of development of the cultural mega project, connecting Krasnoyarsk Chamber Orchestra and Krasnoyarsk public with the largest artistic names of Europe. Traditionally the festival will pass under the patronage of the Head of the city P.I.Pimashkov.
The main idea of the festival - a dialogue of cultures – has been remaining constant, and themes of dialogue vary from festival to festival. The first international festival of arts "Siberia - Italy" which passed in 2001, designated a unification of kinds of arts, therefore concerts of classical music passed among masterpieces of painting, photos and graphics. The second festival of arts (2002) was entirely devoted to a genre of the oratorio. The third one (2004) became a dialogue of Old and New, classical and modern. Within the framework of the Fourth festival of arts (which received the name “the Festival of first performances”) there were world first performances of pieces of modern composers - Azio Korgi, Ivano Battiston, Alexey Starodubrovsky, and also Krasnoyarsk first performances of works of Mozart, Paganini which had not sounded in our city before and also works by Bartok, Piazzola, Shnitke and Luchiani took place.
The fifth international festival of chamber -orchestral music "Siberia - Europe" became natural continuation of the festival "Siberia - Italy": alongside with the Italian actors (F.Faes, A.Serova, S.Laffrankini, N.Bulfone) Krasnoyarsk was visited by German musicians (conductor M.Glezer, S.Vinter, R.Mann, I.Kljugling's singers, trumpeter M.Sedler, and also A.Blok, D.Prihodko, Russian pianist and a trumpeter I.Prihodko).
The festival " Siberia - Europe " was devoted to anniversaries of two great composers - to the 250-anniversary of W. A. Mozart and to the 100-anniversary of Dmitry Shostakovich. Works of the both classical composers sounded at each concert. The constant participant of all concerts is Krasnoyarsk chamber orchestra (the director - Irina Katz). Its head Michael Beniumov is both the founder and the art director of the festival. The permanent director of the festival is Larissa Markosyan. The organizing committee of the festival is headed by the chief of the Central administrative board of culture of the city of Krasnoyarsk Elena Pazdnikova.
As the five festivals have already shown, interest of public to chamber-orchestral music has grown. The festival is traditionally included into the cultural program of the Day of the city and is an annual gift of the administration of the city of Krasnoyarsk and to visitors of the regional center who had a steady need for familiarizing with masterpieces of musical classics. The festival allows to consider musical life of Russia, as the multipolar space having the pulsing cultural centers on all huge territory of the country, instead of concentrated only in Moscow and С-Petersburg. It is especially important for central - Siberian region which is by the virtue of the geographically position especially requires expansion of creative contacts with world cultural capitals.

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