Dear friends!

I am glad to welcome the X International festival of chamber-orchestral music "Siberia-Europe"!

Ten years is an important time mark, it is the time when we can sum up preliminarily and be confident to say, that the festival "Siberia-Europe" has become a tradition of our city, a real holiday of musical art, the unique possibility to listen to out-of-the-way classical works and compositions of modern composers performed by leading European soloists and the Krasnoyarsk chamber orchestra conducted by Michael Benyumov.

On the Krasnoyarsk stage there have already played performers from Germany, Austria, France, and Poland. The present festival is being opened by the outstanding Italian conductor Piero Belluggi. It is symbolical twice: 2011 year is the Year of Italy in Russia, besides, namely Maestro Belluggi was the guest of honour of the very first forum, just with his happy touch the history of the festival started, and once again Krasnoyarsk has confirmed its status of a significant cultural centre of the country and in the world.

The Krasnoyarsk territory is generous and rich not only with its natural resources, but also with its creative resources, what is more important. Talented musicians will meet again on the kind, hospitable Krasnoyarsk soil. Again an overfilled hall will applaud enthusiastically. Again fine music will begin to sound.

Ludwig van Beethoven said: "Music should strike fire from the heart of man". Let this noble fire, burning in the hearts of participants of the festival, stay unquenchable and bright! I wish you inspiration, success and all the best!

Respectfully yours,
Mayor of Krasnoyarsk Peter Pimashkov

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