Красноярский Камерный Оркестр

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About the festival
    The  program of the VII international festival 
  of chamber-orchestral music will present the public
  the family of the string instruments and, by tradition, 
  will include the works of composers – heroes of the day- 
  A.Vivaldi, J.Brams, F.Mendelson.
    This year, except for the become fond musicians from 
  Italy we shall get acquainted with new names of glorified 
  musicians from Germany, Poland and France.
  The constant participant of all concerts remains 
  Krasnoyarsk chamber orchestra.
    The program of five concerts (from May, 23rd till June, 23rd)  
  includes the first performances of unfamiliar classics and 
  works of modern composers and will also present 
  performers as soloists with the orchestra and as 
  chamber performers.
    Traditionally there remains master - classes run by
  outstanding musicians for students and music fans 
  in the Academy of music and theatre.
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